Grow your Greek Community

Grow your Greek Community

Built for Recruits, Chapters, & Councils
Built for Recruits, Chapters, & Councils

It has what you need.


GreekLink helps you discover trends in your Greek community. This includes event checkins, fees collected, registrations, and more.

User Profiles

Putting a name to a face can be huge in successful recruiting. GreekLink allows students to recall interactions better than ever before.


Forget about spreadsheets. GreekLink allows students to create groups and lists using data like Hometown, Age, and Major.

Automated Emails

Ever need to send out emails to all the students who still have outstanding requirements? We take care of it! We also help guide outreach based on your needs.

Design & Personalization

Campuses & chapter profiles are auto-populated to start, but can customized for best results. Add your own images and descriptions, or use ours and enjoy!


Our community — 400 chapters and growing — ranges from seasoned chapters to aspiring colonies. We help each other grow and discuss hurdles that everyone faces.

Trusted by Top Universities


Super Accessibile

Get everyone on the same page when it comes to recruitment. Use it as a great way to connect actives, councils, and most importantly, potential recruits.


Quick, Simple Setup!

Get moving on the GreekLink platform almost immediately. Use both web & mobile platforms to increase engagement, improve accessibility, and jumpstart your overall recruitment.

We can help.

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